today i’m going to interview the general manager of Rozzano Calcio: Vincenzo Indelicato, who has been  working for this team since 2005.

INTERVIEWER:  Well Enzo, why did you choose to work for  Rozzano  football A.S. A?
ENZO: Rozzano football A.S.A has been ever since the beginning a serious club with a highly qualified managerial staff, so when I heard that the position of General Manager was available I immediately applied for the post and after an interview with the president I joined in.
I: how long have you been doing this job?
E: about  20 years. when I was 34 I qualified as Football manager at Milan Figc and I started working for various Milan football clubs, firts as manager guide and then as sports director.
I: why did you choose to qualify as manager rather than as coach?
E: mainly because football is  not my main activity, I have another job and I knew coaching was too demanding and difficult to combine with my work timetable.

I:  How does working as sports director and general manager  fit in with your private life?
E: well… by now I have realized that football is part of my private life, I don’t see it as a real job but as a pleasant and demanding hobby.

I: Let’s talk about your job at  Rozzano Football A.S. A, what do you actually do?
E: I am sports director and general manager even though which means that I take care of the administrative aspects related to the “prima squadra” (top team).

I: can you give us an example?
E: well, first of all, I’m in charge of the viewing, selecting and enrolling of the players, I fill in the list before each match, pay salaries to players and all the employees, but most important of all I act as go-between with Rozzano football and Figc.

I: last year, Rozzano Football, made a giant leap forward in the youth field thanks to the affiliation with Inter fc. Can you give us all the backstage detailsof this important decision?

E: Sure, it was a project we had been trying to realize for about three years, but there always seemed to be some trouble or other. Finally in the summer 2009 we came to an agreement with the youth sector management of Inter fc, becoming the greatest affiliate society in the Milan area.

I: Could you explain what an affiliation is?
E: First of all, it is a two-way relationship in which we get know-how and give young players, then being in such a close relationship every term we get the opportunity to take part in refresher courses on the latest news of tecnique and tactics .

I: Just one last question: what are the goals  that Rozzano football is pursuing in this season?

E: We are definitely aiming at reinforcing our relationship with Inter f.c, and at the same time, do our best in the various leagues we are playing. We also have great expectations for  “prima squadra” (our top team) where we have decided to give more opportunities to young players, the average age of the team is in fact 23 years, a real record fot their league.Our main target will continue to be the promotion of sport in Rozzano where we are planning  several events  in collaboration with the mayor to promote sport and its benefits especially for kids.
I: thank you very much Enzo, it’s been great talking to you.

E: My pleasure!


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