At 12 it’s quite normal for a boy to have an almost irresistible drive for football, all the boys  at that age have had it and I am no exception.

I grew up with a ball under my arm and my knees constantly scraped, but it didn’t matter, because the most important thing was simply playing. I thought that playing in “serie A” was not that difficult and my friends and I would watch every match on tv analysing every movement of our favourite players.But there was one movement in particular that attracted us most: the free kick.

A free kick is quite easy to describe: faul, ball on the ground, kick . I don’t know why we were so attracted by the free kick but we did try harder harder to improve our techinque. Now that I think over it I can’t find the reason it was so important for us to score a goal on a free kick, maybe it was the thrill of it, or we just wanted to prove that we were better, or we simply wished to emulate the players we watched on tv. But there was some logic in our chase for the perfect kick. After thinking over it for years and after studying thoroughly the matter, I have come to a conclusion: the perfect free kick is not due to talent, but to science. If you are a talented player you can shoot a free kick just out of instict, but realizing and aknowledging that there are dynamics and physics law that rule the movement of the ball can help less talented players to get the same results. The great majority of football players, about 90%, do not take into account physics while playing, would their way of playing change if they knew about it?

This is the question that Discovery Channel has tried to find an answer to!!


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