Rozzano Football Amateur Sports Association was founded in 1997, but in reality it started its activity long time earlier, being the result of the fusion of four different sports societies existing in the Milano aerea since the 70’s.

Rozzano A. S. A. nowadays is a well established reality and it can boasts 11 football teams in non competitive activity and 6 in the competitive one, with a major team, “prima squadra”,  that plays in the regional “promozione” league.

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President Ducoli and vice-president Siliquini are developing a sport project based on the growth of  young promising athletes. That’s why in the football season 2009/10 they started a partnership with F. C. Internazionale (winner of  both the Italian league and of the European Champions League) which gave a boost to the club. In fact, thanks to the partnership managers and misters were allowed to attend refresher courses especially organized for partner clubs.

The management of a football club is not an easy task: you need to be extremelycompetent as well as willing to hard work and sacrifice, that’s why Rozzano Football A.S.A. is organized in different areas that deal with  the different activities. The “manager” of sports activities is Enzo Indelicato, also general manager of the whole society. He is responsible for the choice of the “prima squadra” players and for the salaries they are paid.

It is generally assumed that money is to be found only in professional footaball, that is not completely true, since also in amateur football there’s a  good deal of money  even though not the “big” money and  Rozzano Football A.S.A. represents an perfect example of excellent management of the economic activity.

Most of the money comes from the fees paid by young players who enrol in the football academy: each of them pays about 400 € for a year of sports lessons, a full training and match kit plus the FIGC registration

If you consider that every year Rozzano can count over 400-450 new registrations you can easily understand that there’s a lot of money going aroung which adds to the money coming from official sponsors.

All the expenses are dealt with by an office which is responsible for the payments of the salaries both of misters and of players.

An average coach salary is about 400€ a month, while a player can earn from a minimum of 150€ to a maximum of 2000€ a month.

The main target of Rozzano Football A.S.A. is  promoting the culture of sport in young generations while contributing to the development of young football players who might one day, who knows, aspire to “Real Football”. This can be seen as you enter one of the several football fields owned by the society – one in Valleambrosia, one in Pontesesto and one in Rozzano – where you can immediately breathe an atmosphere of fun and amusement linked to great expertise.


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