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today i’m going to interview the general manager of Rozzano Calcio: Vincenzo Indelicato, who has been  working for this team since 2005.

INTERVIEWER:  Well Enzo, why did you choose to work for  Rozzano  football A.S. A?
ENZO: Rozzano football A.S.A has been ever since the beginning a serious club with a highly qualified managerial staff, so when I heard that the position of General Manager was available I immediately applied for the post and after an interview with the president I joined in.
I: how long have you been doing this job?
E: about  20 years. when I was 34 I qualified as Football manager at Milan Figc and I started working for various Milan football clubs, firts as manager guide and then as sports director.
I: why did you choose to qualify as manager rather than as coach?
E: mainly because football is  not my main activity, I have another job and I knew coaching was too demanding and difficult to combine with my work timetable.

I:  How does working as sports director and general manager  fit in with your private life?
E: well… by now I have realized that football is part of my private life, I don’t see it as a real job but as a pleasant and demanding hobby.

I: Let’s talk about your job at  Rozzano Football A.S. A, what do you actually do?
E: I am sports director and general manager even though which means that I take care of the administrative aspects related to the “prima squadra” (top team).

I: can you give us an example?
E: well, first of all, I’m in charge of the viewing, selecting and enrolling of the players, I fill in the list before each match, pay salaries to players and all the employees, but most important of all I act as go-between with Rozzano football and Figc.

I: last year, Rozzano Football, made a giant leap forward in the youth field thanks to the affiliation with Inter fc. Can you give us all the backstage detailsof this important decision?

E: Sure, it was a project we had been trying to realize for about three years, but there always seemed to be some trouble or other. Finally in the summer 2009 we came to an agreement with the youth sector management of Inter fc, becoming the greatest affiliate society in the Milan area.

I: Could you explain what an affiliation is?
E: First of all, it is a two-way relationship in which we get know-how and give young players, then being in such a close relationship every term we get the opportunity to take part in refresher courses on the latest news of tecnique and tactics .

I: Just one last question: what are the goals  that Rozzano football is pursuing in this season?

E: We are definitely aiming at reinforcing our relationship with Inter f.c, and at the same time, do our best in the various leagues we are playing. We also have great expectations for  “prima squadra” (our top team) where we have decided to give more opportunities to young players, the average age of the team is in fact 23 years, a real record fot their league.Our main target will continue to be the promotion of sport in Rozzano where we are planning  several events  in collaboration with the mayor to promote sport and its benefits especially for kids.
I: thank you very much Enzo, it’s been great talking to you.

E: My pleasure!



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A boy playing football with his friends in the courtyard just thinks of the ball, of how he can score more goals than his friends, for him, for them football is nothing more than pure fun. Of course also the most famous, highly paid professionals enjoy  playing a match, but is it the same kind of enjoyment?

They too, started playing just for fun so when did amusement turn into passion and then into something more?

A perfect example can be represented by the brilliant career of one of the greatest players of all times: Diego Armando Maradona.He grew up in the poor suburbs of Lanus with the dream of becoming a pro and play for his national team, but from the moment when he decided all he wanted in life was to be a football player to the moment when he became a pro, some years went by during which he could cultivate his passion. This was the time when he played only for himself, says one of his first team-mates/opponents Goyo Carrizo, for pure fun, completely unaware of the fact those who watched him play were the ones who got the greatest pleasure!

Years later, when he played for Napoli, his team-mate Ciro Ferrara, said that Maradona was well aware of his playing for the supporters, the great crowd who went to the stadium for him, rather than  for his own fun.Of course something had changed. Years had passed, several years, but it is definitely at Napoli that all the world realized what a single person can do for a whole population! When Napoli won the Italian championship, the “scudetto”, a thrill went through the entire city which overcame the physical limits of the city itself a perfect example of this being represented by the words written on the wall of the cemetery in neapolitan dialect : “e ch v sit pers”  (you will never know what you just missed).

In these same years, not only did Maradona leave an indeleble trace on football, but a real revolution took place which involved not only technique or game plans but most of all the managing and marketina system turning football from sport into business, into an invincible money machine. And maybe Diego must have realized this, in Napoli in fact, having the n.10 jersey was a “must” for every fan. There’s no need to say what kind of money is involved in the jersey business today…

But in 20 years or so, so many things have changed… let’s think of the President, the founder and owner of the society, leader and manager, the one who put in money… He could make his own decision, choose how much money he wanted to invest, the risks he was willing to run; he could talk the players out of difficult situations ( and here we could still feel the passion) and today? what is left today? Who is in charge of Juventus, Inter, Milan? Of course the majority shareholder!!

By now, nearly all of the top football clubs are present on the stock exchange, with shares that are worth gold or toilet paper depending on the matches results. And where has passion gone?

Who is the president? No more someone who wants to lead a team, but simply an investor who sees the team as just a different way to make money.

Surely there is still a lot passion around football, there is passion on monday morning at the bars over coffee and “cornetto” when people comment the matches of the sunday… and how many times have we heard people claiming they would buy lots of shares if the had money!!


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This black boot has subtle elements of style: the three stars of Pele’s World Cup title, his signature and the small ’62’ on the tongue flap, but who is this boot designed for: the professional player or the young Pele supporter?

You may think that boots signed by a great 60s champion are designed for players who like old times and tradition, but it isn’t so and you  easily realize it is offered in both fixed firm ground and traditional 6-stud soft ground sole plate options. Modern design takes over the sole plate, with a dot matrix style print pattern made up from different number “10s” – the number made so famous in Brazilian yellow by Pele.

The player who goes for this boot is different from the others: he is a player who is not impressed by  the top brands ads but who simply feels more motivated by wearing the same boots as the best football player in the worl, who feels that these boots can give him a touch of that Brazilian-style enthusiasm for the game!


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According to multi-year research by PR Marketing, Manchester United and Liverpool sell more official replica football shirts, for Nike and Adidas respectively, than any other teams in the English Premier League, and both are at or close to the top of the global merchandise sales tables.

PR Marketing, a leading German sports market research company has provided sportingintelligence with the findings of its detailed multi-year survey into the popularity of club football shirts.

The most consistent top 10 sellers, over numerous seasons, as discovered by Dr Peter Rohlmann from PR Marketing, are as depicted below.


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At 12 it’s quite normal for a boy to have an almost irresistible drive for football, all the boys  at that age have had it and I am no exception.

I grew up with a ball under my arm and my knees constantly scraped, but it didn’t matter, because the most important thing was simply playing. I thought that playing in “serie A” was not that difficult and my friends and I would watch every match on tv analysing every movement of our favourite players.But there was one movement in particular that attracted us most: the free kick.

A free kick is quite easy to describe: faul, ball on the ground, kick . I don’t know why we were so attracted by the free kick but we did try harder harder to improve our techinque. Now that I think over it I can’t find the reason it was so important for us to score a goal on a free kick, maybe it was the thrill of it, or we just wanted to prove that we were better, or we simply wished to emulate the players we watched on tv. But there was some logic in our chase for the perfect kick. After thinking over it for years and after studying thoroughly the matter, I have come to a conclusion: the perfect free kick is not due to talent, but to science. If you are a talented player you can shoot a free kick just out of instict, but realizing and aknowledging that there are dynamics and physics law that rule the movement of the ball can help less talented players to get the same results. The great majority of football players, about 90%, do not take into account physics while playing, would their way of playing change if they knew about it?

This is the question that Discovery Channel has tried to find an answer to!!


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Rozzano Football Amateur Sports Association was founded in 1997, but in reality it started its activity long time earlier, being the result of the fusion of four different sports societies existing in the Milano aerea since the 70’s.

Rozzano A. S. A. nowadays is a well established reality and it can boasts 11 football teams in non competitive activity and 6 in the competitive one, with a major team, “prima squadra”,  that plays in the regional “promozione” league.

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President Ducoli and vice-president Siliquini are developing a sport project based on the growth of  young promising athletes. That’s why in the football season 2009/10 they started a partnership with F. C. Internazionale (winner of  both the Italian league and of the European Champions League) which gave a boost to the club. In fact, thanks to the partnership managers and misters were allowed to attend refresher courses especially organized for partner clubs.

The management of a football club is not an easy task: you need to be extremelycompetent as well as willing to hard work and sacrifice, that’s why Rozzano Football A.S.A. is organized in different areas that deal with  the different activities. The “manager” of sports activities is Enzo Indelicato, also general manager of the whole society. He is responsible for the choice of the “prima squadra” players and for the salaries they are paid.

It is generally assumed that money is to be found only in professional footaball, that is not completely true, since also in amateur football there’s a  good deal of money  even though not the “big” money and  Rozzano Football A.S.A. represents an perfect example of excellent management of the economic activity.

Most of the money comes from the fees paid by young players who enrol in the football academy: each of them pays about 400 € for a year of sports lessons, a full training and match kit plus the FIGC registration

If you consider that every year Rozzano can count over 400-450 new registrations you can easily understand that there’s a lot of money going aroung which adds to the money coming from official sponsors.

All the expenses are dealt with by an office which is responsible for the payments of the salaries both of misters and of players.

An average coach salary is about 400€ a month, while a player can earn from a minimum of 150€ to a maximum of 2000€ a month.

The main target of Rozzano Football A.S.A. is  promoting the culture of sport in young generations while contributing to the development of young football players who might one day, who knows, aspire to “Real Football”. This can be seen as you enter one of the several football fields owned by the society – one in Valleambrosia, one in Pontesesto and one in Rozzano – where you can immediately breathe an atmosphere of fun and amusement linked to great expertise.


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Exploring the concept behind his New Fabric Of England patterns, iconic graphic designer Peter Saville talks briefly about the idea that inspired it. Featured on the new Umbro England home shirt.