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hi guys…surfin on the net i found this short clip. It talks about the technology of the Nike Mercurial Vapor (the lightest boot on the market).



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here it’s a short video about boots making in Nike industry…


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Want to know how is made the world cup final ball?? here is a little video that explain the building project…


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Hi guys, here are the new Puma v1.10 African Nations Kit.

Puma has recently unveiled the 2010 Football Kits for the eleven African teams it sponsors: Ghana, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Mozambique, Egypt, Tunisia, Namibia, Morocco, Angola, Senegal and Togo.

Puma reprieves its role as one of the most innovative football kit suppliers, delivering home and away kits for its 11 African teams, which push the boundaries of technology and design. Making a bold statement, the jerseys are contoured to deliver a snug body fit that accentuates the players’ musculature.

Constructed from moisture-wicking Power Mesh, the jerseys feature a proprietary engineered mesh panel across the back, which allows for maximum movement and breathability. A Kinte pattern, inspired by traditional African fabrics, was applied to this back panel. Additionally, a unique brush-stroke effect, mimicking fans’ body paint, creates the decorative stripes on most of the away jerseys and the players’ names and numbers on the back.

Official team crests are positioned on the upper right quadrant of the shirt, while select teams showcase the iconic symbol that represents their team country on the left hand side close to the heart.

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The partnership between the Panini group and Grimoldi Milano, the renowned fashion watch company and jewelers based in Milan, has produced an exclusive watch inspired by the famous “rovesciata” (bicycle kick) icon which is a characteristic feature of all the  Panini Italian football sticker collections since the very first collection published in 1961.

The watch, crafted with the flair and skill of Grimoldi Milano, is a limited edition of only fifty pieces. The red outline of the bicycle kick on the watch face represents and embodies the Panini universe:  looking for the stickers,  collecting and playing with them,  as well as all the  emotions aroused by the Panini  football stickers which  have excited and entertained  at  least three generations  of football fans of all ages. The watch uses state-of-the-art technology: thanks to a special procedure which is exclusive to a few selected players in the watch industry, the steel case is coated  with a layer of  a special completely hypoallergenic  rubber,  while  an antiglare varnish has been applied to the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The movement is mechanical, with a device for automatic recharging and the  sporty design has a  strong masculine feel: besides the oval shape, particular attention has been paid to the curvature so as to  make the watch as ergonomic as possible. The many fine details, such as the 8 screws on the bezel, the large size used for  the numbers 12 and 6, which stand out on the dial, make the watch really  unique and modern.

The result of this connubium between  Panini and Grimoldi, is a “must-have” timepiece, a valuable “goal” for collectors and enthusiasts of objects that mark the passing of time, but remain timeless.


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Commissioned by Fifa, the special order case, handmade by a single master craftsman in Louis Vuitton’s historic Asnières workshop near Paris, has been meticulously designed to accommodate the celebrated Trophy, which measures 36 cm in height, weighs 6.175 kg and is made of solid 18-carat gold with a base of semi-precious malachite

Covered in Louis Vuitton’s iconic Monogram canvas, the travel case is fitted with the company’s signature brass lock and corners, and has a dark brown lining that complements the Trophy’s rich gold.

Like all Louis Vuitton special orders, the FIFA World Cup Trophy case was made at the company’s original workshop in Asnières, which opened in 1859. The case opens at the front and at the top to allow the Trophy to be removed easily when, at the final on 11th July in Johannesburg, watched by many millions of people across the globe, it will be presented.


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The Puma v1.815 Ferrari. With speed in mind, Puma have teamed up with the big boys for their limited edition v1.815 Ferrari boot which was released today.

The high-tech v1.815, with its aerodynamic silhouette, pays homage to Ferrari racing cars and is designed to be one of the lightest and fastest boots on the market.

The lightweight Pebax® frame constitutes the outsole base and houses a carbon fibre composite insert that enhances speed and stability. The transparent outsole offers a unique look at the boot’s engineering, while the forefoot stud configuration ensures smooth ground penetration, as well as optimal traction and maneuverability.

The upper’s lightweight textile material is highly abrasion-resistant. It has been treated with a dirt and water repellent coating to ensure an unprecedented ball touch.

The minimalist external heel counter provides protection from external forces and supports the heel and ankle during sudden direction changes. The rear stud configuration is designed and positioned to support natural running movement.

The heat cut around the eyestay provides additional flexibility and softness, enabling the shoe to be tied around the foot like a glove. The off-centered lacing increases the kicking area, improving pressure distribution and reducing force from ball impact.

If you think all of the above sounds impressive, then this could be the boot for you. But be warned, you’ll need a fair bit of cash and some luck. After being in development for over 2 years, the Puma v1.815 Ferrari football boots have retail price of around £250 and only 815 pairs are being made available worldwide from 27th March to coincide with the start of the 2009 Formula 1 Grand Prix season.