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Pantofola d’Oro is an Italian manufacturer of football boots, clothing and leisure footwear.

The company can trace its roots back to 1886 when the old Lazzarini cobbler’s shop was founded in Ascoli Piceno.

During the fifties, Emidio Lazzarini took over the business from his father. He was a wrestler and the shoues he wore when he competed were absolutely uncomfortable and unsuitable. Since Emidio was a born shoemaker, he decided to make his own wrestling shoes. These were much softer and moro comfortable than the ones he used to wearing. Word soon spread over Emidio Lazzarini’s new wrestling shoes and he began making bespoke shoes for many other wrestlers as well.

After years of “making-of” wrestler boots, Lazzarini contacted the local football team, A.S. Ascoli and began making customised football boots for the team. The players found the boots so comfortable that many of them became his regular clients.

Within a short space of time, the boots improved in quality. They were renowned for their exceptional softness and comfort allowing the player’s foot room to move, whilst giving outstanding ball control. Emidio Lazzarini’s secret lay in the soft calf-leather he used for the sole plate. rather than the more common heavier leather, and the boot’s ergonomic form, which perfectly followed the contours of the foot.

John Charles the legendary Juventus player, came to hear of these handmade boots, and was an early customer of Lazzarini’s. And it was John Charles who gave Lazzarini’s football boots their name: “These aren’t boots, they’re slippers – golden slippers”. The italian for golden slipper is : Pantofola D’Oro.

Love, hard work and commitment allowed Lazzarini to build some of the best football boots in the world, so far form the ultra-modern, technological shoes, made only for “business” and NOT FOR PASSION. Of course he made a lot of money with all the contracts that he signed, but the main purpose of his work was to make a boot that “fit good”, beceause a man with a comfortable shoe, is an happy man.Pantofola D\’oro